Book Description:

Beverly Park Williams traces back three generations of strong, smart women, revealing a surprising mystery hiding in her family tree.

It was the roaring twenties in Cincinnati, Ohio, and women were quickly opening new doors for themselves and seizing every opportunity for advancement. Here, in a city that was changing on a daily basis, Clarissa Doppler fell in love with Sam Disser. Clarissa never had a real childhood. She was forced into a life of servitude instead. To her, Sam represented an opportunity for a real home. Little did she know that Sam’s conniving parents had no plans to make her a part of their household. They kidnapped her oldest daughter and abandoned her with her new baby.

Shirley Disser, the baby, never knew her father. Janet Disser, her older sister, never knew her mother. Neither girl knew about the other, and the two went seven decades without meeting.

In this family history, Shirley’s daughter, Beverly, examines the women’s lives and finds surprising connections between the two. Learn about Shirley’s and Janet’s fulfilling lives and the amazing event that reunited them when all hope seemed lost.


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Book Genre:

  • FICTION / Biographical
  • FICTION / Family Life

Back Cover Summary:

Imagine being pregnant in 1920s Cincinnati, Ohio. You already have a three-year-old daughter and are ecstatic about the new baby. Your husband and his family don’t care. The girls aren’t boys, and that is all that matters. They freeze you out and treat you horribly. They say you’re not a part of their family. Then, one day, they disappear, along with your three-year-old daughter. Now, you’re on your own with a new baby and nothing else.

Author Beverly Park Williams imagined this while researching and writing the story of her grandmother Clarissa. Clarissa found the strength to raise the baby she was allowed to keep but never stopped searching for the one who disappeared. This amazing true story tells how one family finally reunited many decades later.

Beverly Park Williams was inspired by her mother’s and her aunt’s reunion to write Separate and Parallel, her debut book.